My name is Mikayla, and I have 9 years of experience empowering individuals, organizations, and event promoters to reduce risks associated with drug use in their communities.

In college, I became a chapter leader with Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) where I learned how to educate and organize my peers around changing failed drug laws. After graduating from the University of Maryland, I moved to DC and my extracurricular advocacy turned into a career. I now work for a nonprofit that promotes police accountability, alternatives to arrest and incarceration, and evidence-based drug policies.

My work as a drug educator is informed by the way drug issues intersect with history, research, public health, law enforcement, and institutional racism and other forms of prejudice. My approach to drug education runs counter to the traditional abstinence-only, fear-based model and is based on science, practicality, and the unique needs of each client.



"Mikayla is full of wisdom when it comes to a topic you want to learn more about and full of innovation in ways you may not expect. She makes a point to remain well informed on recent topics and trends both locally and nationwide. She stands out because she is truly kind and compassionate."​
Prosecutor, Maryland
Mikayla’s approach to consultation is supportive, inquisitive, and effective. She asks useful questions to fully understand a need or situation before offering suggestions, and she takes the time to consider factors that may have otherwise been missed. Her thoughtfulness also allows her to take action in situations where quick thinking and action are needed. Her knowledge of harm reduction, especially as it applies to nightlife and events is extremely valuable, and since she takes time to really understand the needs of those with whom she works, her delivery methods when educating others are appropriate and effective. Mikayla is also an excellent and dependable mentor, providing quality support and guidance to those in her community. I am grateful to know her.
Vilmarie Narloch, PsyD
Drug Education Manager, Students for Sensible Drug Policy
"Having attended several harm reduction workshops facilitated by Mikayla, I can say I have benefited immensely. Her workshops de-stigmatize drug users so we feel comfortable asking questions and can make sure our desire to have a good night doesn't turn into our last. I would now consider myself far more knowledgeable about how to keep myself and my friends safer."
A. M.
Guest Teacher, DC
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